Why Sustainability Report Should Be Issued

Sustainability reports are vital in shaping the performance of an organization. Therefore, the CEO, CFO, and the Audit Committee Chair should issue a sustainability report to boost workers’ morale, enhance credibility, enhance the market image and identify business opportunities. Each of the mentioned leadership ranks needs to understand the position of the firm for posterity. Thus, the report needs to bridge any existing gaps and advocate for the protection of resources for future generations.

The CEO needs to assure the consumers and competitors of their credibility in the market by availing sustainability reports. Such procedures will enhance the assurance of transparency in their market transactions. With the acquisition of SCC, Malcolm needs to enhance sustainable growth by promoting integrity and accountability. Likewise, Sally, the CFO, considers sustainability reports to attract investors and foster good relations with the stakeholders. Ideally, documenting the dynamics of the business environment can help the firm to display the variables relevant to its development. This report will provide a fundamental tool for making a futuristic decision for CFO and the team.

Moreover, as an oversight performance authority, the audit committee chair needs to ensure accountability in the financial performance of the firm. Therefore, the sustainability report will provide an opportunity to ensure checks and balances are well managed to avoid losses and unnecessary marginal costs. The presentation of the auditor’s findings during the financial evaluation will also promote consistent monitoring of the firm’s financial statements, which will enhance sustainable development in all sectors. Essentially, there is a need for all the teams to understand the value of sustainability in all decisions and programs to minimize wastage and losses.

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