Religious Liberty of Employers and Employees

LGBTQ community is related to the freedom of expression of sexual orientation. It means that people belonging to this movement do not need to conceal their preferences. However, LGBTQ followers are generally considered to have an “untraditional” orientation. In fact, traditional orientation was given by religion a long time ago. Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist religions do not accept such kinds of viewpoints. People are assumed to have straight views; man loves woman, and woman loves man. The understanding of other preferences is not spelled out in religious texts and might cause trouble at work.

Moreover, homosexuality is considered to be a sin; for example, most religious Americans have a negative attitude toward homosexualism. In recent years, people connected with the LGBTQ community have become overly free. They started to express themselves and demonstrate their unbound relationships. It can seem indecent to persons who do not support the movement. For example, some employees can feel uncomfortable if they see a trans person who looks extravagantly. Perhaps it spoils the work atmosphere and distracts from work.

For the comfort of employees, employers can refuse to hire a person with untraditional views. One of the main criteria for hiring should be people’s orientation. A company’s culture should not support LGBTQ if workers of this company feel constrained about this movement. It will not undermine religious freedom for employers because everyone has a right to set his own rules. If LGBTQ people are not welcomed in one company, it does not mean that another company will reject them.

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