Emergency Manager’s Activities During Response Phase

Speaking of the response phase, it should be noted that the activities intended to reduce the secondary damage and provide all kinds of emergency assistance cannot be established prior to being exposed to a calamity in most cases. When life safety is on the line, community losses have to be minimized by any means because the prolonged impact of a natural disaster cannot be predicted properly.

An emergency manager would be expected to assess the threat first and then decide on the possible plan of action that would depend on the potential number of locals affected by the disaster and the strength of the calamity. The area of impact also should be predicted in approximate terms so as to ensure that the mitigation process is going to include no delays. Civilians would also receive warnings via all types of communication in order to ensure that the emergency management unit has covered all possible options.

The core task of disaster management is to prepare and protect as many people as possible, so it would be reasonable to assess the potential casualties and the areas of impact prior to making decisions. There would also be a team consisting of experienced individuals who would perform real-time analysis of the possible benefits and costs of emergency event mitigation. The high prevalence of terrorist attacks makes it safe to say that some risks remain invisible unless an attack transpires.

Therefore, the manager would be responsible for pinging the most vulnerable areas to see how the area could recover in the case of a potential calamity. Irrespective of the origin of the threat, all kinds of disasters should be prevented with the help of proactive incentives that would be in line with the organizational outlooks on occupational safety and health. The most important thing to do would be to establish a multi-agency approach to natural disasters in order to exchange experience and gain more area-specific knowledge.

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