Motivating Employees to Become More Productive

Organizational behavior is the multidisciplinary area in which people, groups, and organizational processes are studied methodically for knowledge about conduct in organizational environments. The study of how people function in groups or as individuals is, therefore, an organizational behavior. Managers do much to ensure that they function as efficiently and successfully as possible in an organization. It can include motivating individual staff or understanding how staff members who belong to a team can interact to make their work efficient and more effective.

The motivation of employees was a subject of research that started with the rise of organizations. Understanding why people in some areas are effective and not in others confuses many managers and managers for decades. This has led to the development of several motivational theories. The theory of equity is a theory that has become more important in the analysis of an organization’s behavior. Equity theory says the motivation of employees is based on the impression of fairness and injustice by individual employees. Employees evaluate their contributions with the contributions of people around them.

A major management challenge entails people who comprehend how they function. Thus, an understanding of organizational behavior is essential for managers. For the management of an organization, organizational behavior is a key feature. This is because the managers deal with the people in the organization, and the management will have full influence over the employees who work with them via the comprehension of their conduct. In order to establish a happy working atmosphere, management also has good managerial characteristics, which allows management to very well know and comprehend their subordinates. This results in a perceived amount of equity that leads to action or inactivity by employees in some circumstances. If an employee believes his equity is high, it is more probable that his/her workplace is productive and cheerful. If an employee has a high level of inequality, they can detach and counter-productivity in the company.

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