Traditional Employment System and Employee Satisfaction

I have had the experience of working in a company that had different types of employment contracts for employees. There were primarily three types of employment contracts within the organization. They included permanent employment contracts, fixed-term contracts, and casual employment contracts. Employees on the permanent contract were required to work for regular hours and paid salary monthly. They had long-term contracts though this could be terminated if they have been founded to have violated the terms of their contracts.

Employees under this category of agreements were also entitled to different statutory and employment benefits. On the other hand, fixed-term contracts were set on a definite period of one year, for instance. The contracts could be renewed upon expiry depending on the availability of work. Employees under this type of contract were not entitled to statutory employment benefits. Meanwhile, the casual employment contract types were only designed for employees whose tasks were intermittent. There were some seasons when the company was overwhelmed with a lot of work and, as such, resorted to hiring casual workers to help with some assignments. There was no regular working pattern imposed on these kinds of employees.

These employment systems had a great influence on employee satisfaction in the company. Employees on permanent contracts appeared to have been the most satisfied, while those on casual contracts were the least comfortable. The casual contract employees could sometimes work for very long hours and even in hostile conditions, and yet their remunerations did not match the kind of work that they did. They were temporary and would be immediately dismissed once their work was completed. As a result, they felt so detached from the organization. I was in fixed contract employment, and I always felt that employees on permanent contracts looked down on us. Some of them viewed us as strangers or passers-by who would be seen leaving the company. Indeed, this demoralized us to a certain extent especially considering the fact that many of us had the same job descriptions as the permanent employees.

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