Will the PPACA of 2010 Change Access to Health Care

Every American citizen has a right to access healthcare at affordable rates. The American government has played a great role in ensuring that the poor and the elderly individuals access Medicare at affordable rates (Harrington, 2010). With the advent of government funding for the poor and elderly, most Americans foresaw that medical insurance covers would be essential in obtaining healthcare. However, the issue has raised eyebrows, as there is a possibility of marginalizing the uninsured citizens. This issue is somewhat real, as the physicians in major hospitals are likely to attend to patients with medical insurance covers and disregard the uninsured. Unlike earlier days when the uninsured patients would receive medical services from private physicians at reduced costs, with the advent, the private physicians are likely to charge higher rates than before.

Nevertheless, it is high time that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) receive honors. The PPACA, commonly known as the “Obamacare,” is a control measure for all healthcare costs. The Act seeks to ensure that there are quality and affordable healthcare services for all American citizens. In essence, PPACA offers a broad field for eligibility of the public and private insurance covers. The private medical insurance covers defined in the PPACA are somewhat subsidized. Moreover, various reforms have reduced healthcare costs and improved Medicare services. The increased number of healthcare facilities and incentive for positive compliments from the patients has increased competition amongst the healthcare facilities. PPACA has played a great role in streamlining the access to healthcare services, as every American citizen is eligible for the subsidized medical insurance covers. In the near future, American healthcare facilities and services will be among the best in the world.

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