Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy as a Tool for Supporting Veterans With Trauma

The presence of trauma is expressively high in military veterans for a number of reasons, the exposure to violence and the act of witnessing death frequently being the main ones. Due to the presence of the specified stressors in the members of the military, they are highly prone to developing a trauma after having a particularly emotionally damaging experience.

Therefore, the prevalence of trauma in veterans is explicitly high. Furthermore, the specified factors create the breeding ground for the rapid development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the 2017 statistical data, at least 12.9% of veterans suffer from PTSD due to the exposure o traumatic events. Therefore, addressing the needs of veterans should become one of the top public health issues and priorities for contemporary healthcare services.

Similarly, the incidence of trauma and the associated disorders, including, but not limited to PTSD, has been alarmingly high. Anxiety, depression, and related mental health concerns have been observed in veterans in a recent study, which has established that the ratio of veterans with mental health concerns has grown to 3.6 per 100 in 2016 Thakur et al.

Despite the application of measures aimed at alleviating the challenges that veterans have been experiencing due to the observed issues, namely, the outcomes of exposure to traumatic occurrences, the presence of trauma, PTSD, and the comorbid issues remain devastatingly high in the target population. For this reason, innovative solutions geared toward the management and prevention of trauma and PTSD in veterans and members of the military are strongly needed.

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