How Malpractice Is Handled in the State of Florida

The state of Florida has formulated comprehensive laws that deal with medical malpractices in a comprehensive manner. The laws that deal with medical malpractices have evolved for many years, owing to the contributions of insurance companies, medical institutions, and the government. The concerted efforts of all stakeholders have created complex laws that strictly stipulate how to handle any form of medical malpractice within the jurisdictions of Florida.

The existence of the complex laws of medical malpractice in Florida allows patients to sue healthcare providers in case of negligence, wrongful death, and non-economic damages. In this view, the laws of medical malpractices in Florida state compel healthcare providers to provide quality healthcare services within the legal boundaries.

The Florida laws handle medical malpractices by allowing interested parties to file a lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitation. Negligence has a statute of limitation of about four years, while medical malpractice has a statute of limitation of about two years. Given the complexity of laws that deal with medical malpractice, the litigation process requires that a complainant should file a suit before filing a lawsuit. The process of pursuit requires a lawyer to conduct an investigation to determine if reasonable grounds exist to prove the existence of negligence.

Then, an attorney and a medical expert prepare medical records and affidavits, which are necessary for filing a lawsuit. During the pursuit investigative period, a defendant can reject the allegations, plead guilty, or provide an arbitration offer. Florida has set limits for non-economic damages to $500,000 for ordinary lawsuits and a cap of $1 million for lawsuits under special circumstances. This means that the laws protect the healthcare providers from paying unreasonable compensations to the complainants.

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