The Role of Eugenics in Medical Community

A method used in eugenics is pre-planting genetic testing. This method is used in identifying desired embryos in invitrofertilization before transferring them to the mother’s uterus. This technique may involve screening the embryos on their own even in cases where the parents are considered genetically normal. It may also involve testing the embryos from parents who have confirmed genetic disorders to determine if the embryos carry similar disorders.

The rationale behind this method is that it provides the most effective way of avoiding genetic disorders before pregnancy. In previous techniques, the avoidance of genetic disorders relied on termination of pregnancy, which provided additional risks to the mother. Mothers were often caught in a difficult position in deciding whether o terminate the pregnancy in cases where the genetic disorders were discovered during the course of the pregnancy.

The problem with eugenics is that it is not properly regulated. As a result, eugenic techniques continue to raise great ethical issues throughout the world. These moral debates ultimately obscure the larger picture of how beneficial eugenics can be in improving the world’s health prospects.

The ultimate aim of eugenics is to improve the survival prospects of the human race and no rational human being should be opposed to these efforts. However, the medical profession should ensure that research is properly regulated so that it is not misused for aims other than moral ones. To this extent, eugenics has a place in the medical profession. Dismissing eugenics would deny the human race numerous benefits that would accrue from its pursuit.

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