The Controversies of Egg Donation Legalization

Governments should legalize the payment of women by fertility clinics for their eggs to compensate for their physical and psychological inconveniences through the process. For instance, egg harvesting is riskier than sperm donation since it involves surgery with potentially dangerous side effects and psychological impacts after the procedure. However, the donors should be cautious of clinics that offer vast amounts of compensation because it blocks their judgments on the risks involved in the process. Egg donation can be physically and emotionally demanding, and just like men receive pay for their sperm, women should receive payment for their oocytes.

Egg donors have varying long-term medical consequences that they could not predict before the fertility procedure. Studies show that some women suffer from changes in the menstrual cycle, infertility issues, and medical complications like cysts and fibroids.

Clinics have a moral role in taking medical care of their donors on any long-term problems arising from the procedure to help them manage their health and understand new risks associated with the operation. Clinics should follow up on their egg donors years after their practices to ensure that the dangers of the process do not outweigh the benefits.

Governments should not allow companies to market their procedures on student portals to avoid direct exploitation. Many students would readily engage in egg donation for the sake of the money without considering the health implications of the procedure. Few students understand the psychological consequences that the operation exposes them to and readily consent to the process if it seems legal. Governments and schools should work together to protect their students from exploitation by fertility clinics that lure them for their eggs.

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