The Nivea Company’s Marketing-Mix Strategy

To make its products attractive, Nivea produces several cosmetics products that may appeal to many customers. Apart from the differentiation strategy, the company emphasizes the high quality of products: the products undergo a long testing period before they are released on the market. Each customer may be sure that the production is safe and has no adverse effects. In its production processes, Nives uses natural ingredients to make the production more eco-friendly and appealing to customers. Packaging is also an essential part of successful product promotion; Nivea has brand colors that are easily recognizable and associated with high quality.


Nivea aims to embrace large market segments, so the products are differentiated in terms of price. There are products for middle-income families and less expensive ones to attract poorer customers (Casado-Díaz, 2021-2022). Moreover, there are luxury brands to attract wealthier customers. Nivea launches competitions where the winner may get admittance to fashion and cultural events to make its products more attractive.


Nivea brands are sold worldwide; the company has built a global distribution network that allows its products to compete with local producers from different countries. Sometimes Nivea produces cosmetics under local brands, especially when the population has high regard for local production (Casado-Díaz, 2021-2022). The company’s products are distributed through retailers and online shops.


To get customers’ feedback and attract more consumers, Nivea launched a digital strategy to enhance interaction with its customers. On the company’s website, there are content pages where people may find advice on how to take care of skin or hair; there is coverage of fashion events and other material which may be interesting for a wide range of consumers. The company has a Facebook page to interact with customers (Casado-Díaz, 2021-2022). Moreover, it uploads videos on Youtube, which allow to show customers new products and discuss their properties.


Casado-Díaz, A. B. (2021-2022). Marketing strategy of Nivea. University of Alicante.

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