Researching of Organizational Culture

An employee may have spiritual, material, or individual values that differ from the importance of the organization. This discrepancy can substantially impact the behavior and work of an employee in the company because common values can increase the loyalty of employees to the organization and motivate them. Shared values can create a particular image of a competitive developed organization based on corporate rules, norms of behavior, and team spirit (Colquitt 17). If an employee does not share any values with the organization in which he works, dissonance may prevent the employee from integrating into the company and reduce its overall efficiency. Organizational culture is the cement that holds together the organization’s internal forces.

The Walt Disney Company has a solid organizational structure and culture. Disney is a world leader in producing and distributing high-quality products for family leisure. A thorough approach to personnel selection, training, and development allows the organization to be an example of a management model and corporate culture for many other corporations. I believe that a strong organizational culture and success are closely linked and cannot exist without each other. All thriving companies globally have created and maintained a pronounced corporate culture that best matches their goals and values and clearly distinguishes one company from another. A strong organizational culture contributed to the development of small novice companies into successful giants.

I was part of a research group whose goal was to write a project. This group had a robust organizational culture because it consisted of solid individuals united by one goal. We all worked together, shared ideas, and devised joint solutions to various problems (Colquitt 38). In case of disagreement, there was always a constructive and reasoned argument, not a loud quarrel. Thus, our organizational culture was strong, as it united us, formed a sense of confidence in our success and became a means of involving us in a common cause.

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