The Concept and Definition of Hate Crime

Hate crime is a prejudice that involves an individual being victimized by violent acts due to the association with a particular group. The three different categories include traditional hate groups, militia and survivalist entities, and Christian identity teams. The associations to the various sects foster the marginal alliance and justification for ethical and moral code of behavior that risks the personnel’s perspective on freedom and human rights.

In my opinion, hate crime is a framework that threatens the unity among individuals due to their orientations. Therefore, it is important to establish the core factor of boosting the relationship-building among people. Social growth and development mainly depend on the ability to integrate the dynamic elements of interdependence, such as sharing knowledge and experiences within learning institutions. The proficiency in performance within a workplace is a translation of the ideology of promoting diversity and cultural competence.

Cultural competence is a multifaceted phenomenon encompassing the optimal acquisition of knowledge and skills to facilitate the awareness and attitude among individuals. Furthermore, different people believe and practice dynamic ideologies regarding social justice and human behavior. Therefore, it is the mandate of institutions and individuals to focus on attaining expertise in handling a diverse consumer base.

The solution to the disparity entails incorporating a toolkit within the nursing education system. The components within the toolkit include knowledge, skills, attitudes, and awareness. Thus, cultural competence lies in utilizing expertise to deliver services to a diverse consumer base without compromising their customs and norms.

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