Right-Right-Wing Extremists and Hate Groups: Differences

Right-right extremist groups and hate groups that are organized and function on the territory of the USA and beyond its borders have similar and different features. While the similarity is more pronounced and includes the activities of outlawed groups aimed at promoting oppressive measures against equality, the differences are more relevant. Indeed, right-right extremists are the individuals or groups that validate the necessity to impose radical political power that minimizes equality.

The ideology of right-wing extremism deals with resistance to democracy through organized actions, parties, websites, and organizations that encourage violence against minorities. Oftentimes, such violent actions are politically motivated and disrupt the foundations of democracy. An example of a right-wing extremist group might be White Nationalists that promote white supremacy by validating racism and anti-democratic actions toward racial minorities.

While hate groups are also characterized by outlawed agendas, their ideologies are more precise and less applicable to national politics. Unlike right-right extremists whose aim is to impose a political dominance of their ideology, hate groups are less general and tend to implement targeted hate crimes against particular groups of the population. Hate groups’ ideology deals with “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.

They act through gatherings, organized crimes, protests, or publishings that promote their agendas and victimize minorities. An example of such a hate group is Ku Klux Klan which targets exclusively African Americans, thus imposing white supremacy. Thus, right-right extremists’ ideology deals with more generalized and national political oppression through anti-democratic regimes, while hate groups function as more precise action-oriented criminal organizations.

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