Deviance and Crime: Differences in Men and Women

The relationship between crime and gender is profound, persistent, and sometimes appears paradoxical. The gender factor remains an essential aspect in studying how crime and deviance occur. Women and men differ significantly in transgression patterns and rates, as well as their victimization experience.

Some scholars note that crime is committed disproportionately by males. The notion influences the extent to which society and law respond to criminal acts. Both genders are highly engaged in minor offenses, such as substance abuse. However, in the area of grave crimes, such as murder and robbery, men lead. Generally, men tend to offend at higher proportions than women in all possible categories of deviance and crime except sex work.

The rate of victimization and crime between men and women tends to vary. Data provided by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) probes victims regarding the gender of delinquents, especially in criminalities where the reprobate is seen corroborates the matter. The reported fraction of female offenders matches the proportions of the arrest. The self-report analysis also confirms the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) trends of moderately low female engagement in grave felonies and greater engrossment in petty categories.

Many professionals have explained factors that result in gender differences in crime and deviance. The factors encompass men’s evolutionary tendency towards violent and risky behavior, gender differences in activities, and gender inequality.

Gender influences treatment within the criminal justice system in various jurisdictions. Females often appear to receive greater “chivalry” and “leniency” in the justice process. A recent news report documents how an Iowa woman, Nicole Franklin, pleaded guilty to hate crime charges against her. It is another example that conforms to the UCR reports that place women in minor crimes and confirms the involvement of women in less severe crimes than men.

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