The Common Characteristics of Living Things

All living organisms share a standard set of characteristics. Reproduction helps to preserve and increase the number of species of a certain type. Under particular conditions, new plants appear from seeds and offsprings in animals. The growth and development of organism traits occur on the basis of inheritance or genetic information. Therefore, the inheritance of genes but not traits is meant. Maintaining the vital activity of organisms is possible only due to a constant influx of energy. All life on Earth exists due to the power of solar radiation, which is converted by photo-synthesizing organisms into the chemical bonds of organic compounds. Organisms have a complex ordered structure, the level of which is much higher than that of inorganic compounds. Living things use the flow of energy from outside to maintain their regulation.

A significant role in natural selection is played by adaptive behavior. By changing coloring, this behavior can contribute to disguising or, conversely, scaring away enemies and rivals. A cell is the smallest living unit and the basic structural and functional block of all living things, whether it is a plant or an animal. Cells are combined into tissues, organs, and whole structures (brain, bones, skin, leaves, fruits, etc.). Irritability is the ability of a living organism to respond to external influences by changing its physicochemical and physiological properties. Adaptation is considered to be the process of the habituation of plants, animals, and humans to environmental conditions. Evolution is the gradual change in the DNA of a species over many generations. It can occur through natural selection when certain traits created by genetic mutations help the body survive and reproduce.

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