Social and Deep Ecology: Similarities and Differences

The term “Deep Ecology” is a part of Ecological philosophy that considers all human kinds as a basic element in this environment. This philosophy gives the idea that all living beings have an equal right to live and flourish in the environment. This philosophy was introduced by a Norwegian philosopher namely Arnie Naess, in 1972.

The life of each and every being in the world is very valuable and at the same time nature is a treasure house for all beings and because of this reason, no one has the right to diminish the richness of nature. Nowadays one can see that the prying of human beings over the non-human world has increased a lot and this has resulted in the destruction of nature. As the world becomes so busy it is nature that happens to be the victim of this busy world as each and every individual are ill-treating nature with their misbehavior. The deep ecology shows the idea that like every human being all other living beings should have equal importance to living in this world.

Social ecology is defined as “”social” is its recognition of the often overlooked fact that nearly all our present ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems.” It states that most of the environmental troubles occur from the societal problems and the core of the ecological problems from the destructive nature of the human. Humans are considering only their benefits and problems.

Rapid economic development and increasing population lead to a vast loss in nature. Most of the farms and forests are destroyed for constructing buildings which causes the occurrence of soil erosion, decrease in rain, and so on. The contaminated smokes from factories, vehicles, etc. are polluting the air, and waste from the factories is infecting the water. Humans are destroying natural resources for their current benefits without thinking about their future requirements.

Deep ecology and social ecology are somewhat similar because both are focusing on the protection of the environment. Deep ecology is the preservation of all living things and social ecology is the movement mainly towards the protection of natural resources. The destruction of natural resources and living beings is the destruction of the environment.

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