Teaching English Language Learners

Getting to study your student is a prime issue in teaching practices, once you identify and understand each student in a more personal way; it helps you in knowing and understanding their cultures which subsequently helps in introducing the most appropriate teaching methods. In this class the arrangement has been made to achieve the best interaction between the child and the teacher where it’s possible for a teacher to move from one corner to the other to inspect what the student is doing. Desk and chair spacing provides a way for the student to use when going to demonstrate things on the chalkboard.

One the walls of the classroom there is plenty of charts which are used to demonstrate different ideas for example there is a display of color chart and calendar chart which is used by the student in identification of the days and months of the year. A student is being asked to label the day that s/he identifies by placing a sticker on it. By the use of this illustration the teacher helps the student to be able to memorize what learnt in class easily. In this arrangement, the teacher initiates a discussion where students participate by answering questions in a competitive way. In the setup describe here the participation of the student by correctly answering questions shows how attentive they are to the lectures. Majority of the students seems to be aware of what is going on, this is confirmed by seeing that majority of the students rise up hands to secure a chance to answer the query. After securing a chance to answer the question, a student is seen walking comfortable to the board showing no fear between the students and the teacher.

Time management is highly observed in this class, whereby every student is supposed to submit his/her assignments on time, and also when answering class general questions, the student who gets his/her hand raised up first secures the first chance of answering the question. Despite the differences in cultural background, the teacher manages to freely interact with the students and appreciates the culture of each and every student without discrimination.

In our video “Teaching English Language learner”, you come to learn that the teacher here demonstrates how things are done and what it clearly takes for the students to understand the information at the lesson taking everything step by step. The instructor seems to be very social and flexible where he talks of appreciating student culture as the key point in delivering the expected knowledge to the student. She uses question and answer teaching mode where students are asked questions to check whether they have absorbed what they have been taught. There is use of illustrations in the instruction delivery where students identify the subject on the classroom walls. This shows that students are free and ready to accept and use the instruction given to them. At the background when teacher explain exactly what happens we noticed students freely interact to each other and engage in a playful mood. This shows that every student appreciate each other.

In past learning, one way communication process was taken where teachers were to give their lectures and to allow few minutes for the students to raise their questions; this method created fear between students and their teachers. Initially in the ELL classes, teachers overcame this perception and make use of discussion teaching method as a way to interact and to share ideas with the students creating a very conducive learning environment. By introduction of new modern teaching criteria, a teacher introduces a flexible classroom arrangement and he/she is able to move around the class instead of remaining walking along the chalk board that gives a new look to the education structure.

There is also a use of new arrangement and furniture’s in classrooms which are far different from the traditional one. When looking at the class arrangement, one is able to say how comfortable students are and this automatically leads to improvement in class performance of the students. Additionally, the teacher clearly indicates how interesting it is to interact and gets to learn new culture from different students, showing that this class is not up in teaching language but also social life.

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