Talent Management Strategy of Apple Company


Apple is among the most competitive electronic multinational companies. It is an American International Corporation that majors in electronics products (Al-Serhan, 2020). The company produces computer hardware such as iPhone Smartphones (Liu, 2021). It also offers electronic hardware, including iPod media players and Home pod speakers.

Apple Inc. has invested heavily in the production and supply of consumer software (Podolny & Hansen, 2020). The firm also owns various software applicable in large, medium, and some enterprises. The application software includes iWork, Pro X, iLife, and Final Cut Pro. Additionally, the company also provides essential services to its customers like iCloud (Liu, 2021). Apple Company is the second-biggest company in the production of electronic products.

Summary of Apple’s Talent Management Strategy

Instead of offering a training and growth program, the company makes the workers do it themselves. Apple strengthens the workers to have robust self-reliant and advance their proficiencies on their own. The company has a performance management department that evaluates employee performance and gives appropriate recommendations.

The company nurtures its employees through strategies such as:

  • Agility in training and onboarding process;
  • A “Lean” Talent Management Strategy;
  • Building and reinforcing a performance culture;
  • Emphasizing the work instead of work/life balance.

The Company’s Talent Management SWOT Analysis


Talent management helps in several ways, such as:

The identification of gaps, electing the most suitable and capable employees and then developing them to fit in vital positions necessary for their growth as well as the success of the organization. Talent management also enables the communication of expectations across the company.

Talent management help recruit top talent for the organization, train and develop the talent, retain talent, and develop leadership talent. Talent management leads to improved output quality and efficiency thus a competitive advantage for the company. Talent management also leads to the development of a talented ethical culture in the organization.


The company’s Talent Management strategy is time-consuming and also fails in the assessment of employees’ capabilities. Its implementation in organizations may lead to discouragement and dissatisfaction among peer employees. Talent management programs are costly to implement.

Apple Talent Recommendations

Making potential labor networks by partnering with global universities. Developing a transparent recruitment process. Embarking on maintaining a positive reputation that treats its employees with care and dignity. It should also embark on employee motivation through rewards (Liu, 2021).


An HR strategy aims at identifying, creating, deploying, and holding talented and competent employees. Top management must recognize the value of talent management for the organization’s success. Apple Inc. has a greater market appeal as it is one of the most well-known brands in the modern age. This company’s Board of Directors understands the value of a happy workforce.


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