Social Work as an Educational and Professional Goal

Many people experience challenges in the community due to various aspects such as lack of adequate funds, discrimination, and lack of adequate knowledge. I have worked with people living with HIV/AIDS, and I have learned the different challenges they face, such as stigma and discrimination. Cases of people who have been denied job opportunities due to their disabilities have also been encountered. Consequently, I have chosen social work to ensure that I positively impact the community by encouraging individuals to focus on equality and social justice issues. Additionally, I have interacted with many women who have faced gender discrimination in society. Thus, my career is vital as it allows me to educate people about gender equality and the need to focus on women’s empowerment.

Racial discrimination is another major issue that has led to social injustice in the community. Individuals are discriminated against in various institutions, including healthcare facilities. Moreover, discrimination is experienced in policing, whereby justice is not met. Therefore, being a social worker can help individuals address these issues, encourage communities to exercise social justice, and limit bias in society. Some patients in the modern world are living with different mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. These conditions largely impact the behaviors of individuals in the community. Thus, I can use my occupation to help such persons cope with their emotional issues. Social workers are encouraged to help people solve problems in their everyday lives. Therefore, personal experiences, awareness of inequality or social injustice, and influences on community members have steered my choice of social work as an educational and professional goal.

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