Economic Justice, Social Change and Welfare Issues

Many people have analyzed social and economic justice to understand how they impact the lives of individuals in the community. Typically, there is a relationship between social and economic justice. In this case, the distribution of resources in a community should be fair and apply to all aspects of society, such as race, gender, and human rights. Economic justice involves principles that guarantee that fair approaches are developed to create opportunities for all people to thrive and prosper in life. One can support social justice and economic justice by encouraging people to seek different community opportunities, such as applying for jobs in organizations.

The world is diverse and different people have their cultural beliefs and behaviors. Moreover, communities have what they term moral and immoral acts. Therefore, social change is used to determine how humans interact and how various aspects transform cultural institutions over time, leading to some societal impacts. For instance, political, economic, and conceptual factors may lead to social change. The physical environment has led to changes in many communities, whereby individuals are forced to adapt to new ways of life. Migration has greatly increased in the modern world since people learn different cultural values. Volunteer activities can support social changes by educating people on the need to value all individuals irrespective of their differences.

Social welfare issues have been experienced in communities since they entail different activities and services by government agencies, non-government organizations, and volunteers who provide services to help people in societies. These plans are used to enhance the well-being of individuals in communities. Hence, as a volunteer, one can support social welfare by providing services and other products such as food and clothes to needy persons and families. Correspondingly, one may provide health education in the community to improve the health of people. For instance, an individual can educate the public about HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and other common conditions to improve awareness and reduce risk factors.

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