“Disabling Segregation” Video by Dan Habib

In the video, Dan Habib talks about people with disabilities and his friends and family. He says that people with disabilities should be included in the common good and development in the typical community. However, he emphasized that this topic is not raised and explained in society.

There are obvious behavioral challenges highlighted within the video, including kids, teenagers, and adults not having a chance to express themselves due to disabilities and their social perception. In addition, the majority of kids with intellectual or developmental disabilities are separated from others through special classrooms. Moreover, there is an obvious inability to enter some real estate due to the lack of equipment for them, for example, when there are only steps. Another challenge is that typical kids feel scared, distant, and uncertain about approaching those with disabilities, followed by the perception of disabilities as a weakness. The last challenge Habib mentioned is the attitude of people to social and emotional experiences with less value than the academic experience.

Behavioral interventions identified by Dan Habib include bringing awareness, with one example being direct contact with unequipped real estate. Communication with the community is another type of intervention followed by inclusive education. In addition, Habib says it’s important to educate typical kids that disabilities are a part of a normal way of life. Moreover, interventions include showing by example and learning from each other, being patient, compassionate, creative, and loving.

Behavioral outcomes include better communication skills and higher academic achievement. Other outcomes are wider social networks and fewer behavior problems. Additionally, Dan Habib says that interventions are proven to provide academic benefits for typical kids and promote engagement.

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