Treatment of Da Mayor in “Do the Right Thing” Film

Da Mayor is a paradoxical character well-known for his constant inebriation and the habit of giving out advice to everyone. One of his most practical and symbolic pieces of advice is given to Mookie at the beginning of the movie when Da Mayor tells him to “do the right thing.” Da Mayor firmly believes that it is crucial to decide between the good and the bad and do the right thing in life. Many critics define him as the moral compass of the movie because when the situation heats up, Da Mayor is the one who remains calm, level-headed, and with slightly flawed logic. His power lies in his ability not to let the racial tension affect him as much as it does with other film characters.

Nevertheless, there is a metaphorical reason behind the community’s disapproval of Da Mayor and his warm acts of love, kindness, and support. From a broader perspective, Da Mayor remains polite and keeps seeking approval from Mother Sister despite her mean behavior. He also risks his own life when he tries to save a young boy from a car accident. It might seem symbolic due to the racial conflicts that exist between the residents of the neighborhood and the general inclination of people to judge and blame others. Da Mayor’s heroic deeds remain unnoticed, which characterizes American society of that time. Through Da Mayor’s character, Lee attempts to reveal how society fails to cherish love and compassion under the intense pressure of hate and judgment, which society chooses on its own. Do the Right Thing is pervaded with the theme of the battle between love and hate throughout the entire movie. This explains why the neighborhood treated Da Mayor so poorly.

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