Delaying of Marriage in American Society and Its Factors

In modern society, the trend of late marriage can be observed globally. The urgency of this problem is progressing every year as young people do not strive to legalize their unions and continue to cohabitate, raise children, and conduct common, everyday household chores. There are many explanations and reasons for the increasing average age of marriage for both men and women.

Perhaps one of these motives is financial difficulties, reduced career prospects, and high mortgage rates. The lack of economic stability and support from relatives plays an essential role in refusing to marry and creating a full-fledged family. In addition, today’s society and generation are constantly in development, which means that values and guidelines are changing, and the wedding is pushed into the background. Even “yesterday,” there was a trend of faithful relationships and a strong family. Today, an individual would rather take care of their future career, social status, and achieving the necessary financial level. Despite this, many people fundamentally deny the need for legal registration of relations. They know how to have fun and strive to get more out of life. Many men and women in the United States manage to earn a good income and, at the same time, enjoy a free life.

Thus, marriage is not the most popular alternative in the United States. It is a responsible, serious step for every person since the future spouse is chosen once and for all life. After all, young people believe that marriage is an outdated institution with no place in a progressive society. Most likely, Americans prefer to lead a free, cozy, and quiet life, separating themselves from any significant obligations.

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