Latina Clients: Counseling Interventions

The intergenerational gap is a widely known issue that affects numerous minority families, including Hispanics. For example, a total of 60 million Latinos were living on the territory of the U.S.. Presently, representatives of this population group are likely to make an appointment with a counselor due to misunderstandings that occur in families because of generational differences.

In fact, the process of acculturation is associated with changes in language, behavior, traditions, and values. In turn, Latino children are expected to assimilate into American society way faster and easier than adults. For instance, taking into consideration that underage Latinos regularly go to educational facilities, they are predicted to attain academic mastery of the language within five years, whereas adults usually experience difficulties in learning a new language. Moreover, younger family members do not have appropriate opportunities to learn about their heritage culture.

Currently, Latino children and adults also have different perceptions of family values and structures. Parents and grandparents usually prefer using strict and controlling parenting styles. At the same time, their children usually are open to new experiences and explorations. As a result, different generations fail to find consensus and a common understanding.

In order to prevent family conflicts, it is essential to visit a counselor who has a high level of awareness of the accumulation gap that impacts multiple minority families. Thus, taking into account that children and their parents acculturate at different rates, they are likely to suffer from family conflicts that can only be resolved by a highly qualified specialist.

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