Arab American: Counseling Interventions

As a socially and politically essential immigrant group in the U.S., Arab Americans are considered an integral part of the whole American population. The number of representatives of this population group has increased rapidly in the past several decades due to struggles and hardships experienced by these individuals in their respective mother countries.

Thus, Arab Americans usually migrate to the U.S. with the purpose of seeking economic opportunities, freedom, and equality. Nevertheless, this population group is more likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than local Americans. It can be explained by difficulties in integrating into society, as well as accessing opportunities in employment and other areas of life. These problems significantly contribute to the development of psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Therefore, taking into consideration the existing racial and minority health landscape in the country, it is essential to address the health needs of Arab Americans.

At the same time, the level of acculturation plays a crucial role in terms of presenting issues. On the one hand, Arab Americans express respect and overall positive attitudes toward the American host culture. As a result, the local government takes appropriate measures in order to spread awareness and tolerance among a wide array of ethnicities. On the other hand, numerous Arab Americans fail to assimilate into modern American society.

Subsequently, it can be perceived as the main contributor to mental health issues. To decrease the number of Arab Americans suffering from depression and anxiety, it is important to improve the quality of interaction with the majority group. This goal can be achieved by adjusting to local culture, language, food, and traditions.

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