Prophetic Dreams and Their Characteristics

There are several types of dreams, which have their own peculiarities and characteristics: daydreams, nightmares, recurring dreams, false awakening dreams, prophetic dreams, and some others. In order to get the essence of the context of the dream, it is crucially important to analyze each of its characteristics and take into consideration numerous outside factors. Right now, we are going to analyze prophetic dreams, which are also known as psychic or even precognitive dreams. The major point concerning these types of dreams, described by Bynum is that they “stand out more than others since they have an aura of predicting the future, and in this sense, they expand the mind beyond the narrowing confines of waking causality and give a man a feeling of control over his anxiety.” Any prophetic dream is a kind of extra-sensory perception of information about certain places, certain people, and events before they appear and happen. Researches demonstrate that more than 42% of people are sure that they had a prophetic dream one or two times.

Prophetic dreams are gifts, which God is eager to share with his people in order to help them comprehend this life better with all its pros and cons and be ready for some events in the future, having a possibility to change the situation; sometimes, these changes are positive, sometimes, they are negative. As prophetic dreams are connected to God, then, it is not that strange that The Bible is one of the major sources about prophetic dreams; God gives certain hints to his followers in order to help them to live properly and be the winners.

There are several characteristics, which may distinguish prophetic dreams as separate types of dreams. First of all, any prophetic dream can draw from a person’s past and present memories; however, it is connected only to some aspect of the possible future. Second, prophetic dreams cause profound and even intense emotions, this is why such types of dreams may stay in the mind of a person and be forgotten for some period of time. And, finally, prophetic dreams cannot be incoherent, this is why these dreams cannot but unfold in a certain sequence that has the logical sense.

Some historians truly believe that God’s interruption into human events really exists and turns out to be rather considerable. There are more than 100 mentions concerning this very type of dreams in The Bible: the case of Joseph and the stars on the sky, parents of Christ and a warning as for Herod, etc.

By my nature, I am a believer. To my mind, this life could be rather boring without personal dreams and various beliefs. This is why I find prophetic type of dreams rather captivating and worth attention. People can and will have some extraordinary abilities, which may control their lives and provide people with an opportunity to improve these lives day by day. If a person feels that he/she has some skills and a kind of gift, why not use it? Maybe, the use of such a gift is one of those things, which may considerably influence our future. If a person neglects this gift, it is quite possible to omit something important and not to give a chance to live better and safer. People live for their future, and prophetic dreams are the ways to this future. We can easily have a look at this future and find out what makes our life captivating and what can make it better.

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