Salient Opportunities and Threats in Motorola

Saline opportunities are the outward chances that the Motorola Company had; for instance, the company being the leading dealer by the year 1937, Meant that there was an opportunity to expand it widely. Having expanded the company’s product line to a two-way communication device and the success of the Handie-talkie was evidence of the opportunity that the industry had in the world of mobile communications through a strong belief in the demand for communication that was present at that time, in addition in that period of 1940’s there was limited competition (Boyden, 1984). It was at that time that they were supposed to monopolize and avoid any underground industries from taking over their company’s market.

Another saline opportunity was the early success of the company upon the first introduction of their first line, the name Motorola FM vehicular system and equipment by the year 1941. The earlier success was achieved when the company finished its its first public offering at a stock selling of 8. 50 dollars in each share. This finally led to the company building its first portable FM radio, generally referred to as the Walkie-Talkie.

The partnership of the Motorola Company with the Bell Telephone Company enhanced the provision of the car radio service through the Motorola communication equipment, mainly for the Chicago area. The threats that were present included the emergence of other promising companies and the incurrence of losses. The emergence of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, L G, Apple, and other companies’ company was the greatest threat to the Motorola Company market. Ever since 1998, Nokia has been and still is the leading market with its introduction of more than 26 different designs of mobile brands.

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