Motorola’s Prominent Strengths and Weakness

The company’s strengths were as follows; they structured the company into three operating segments namely home and networks mobility, enterprise mobility solutions and lastly the mobile devices. On investing in a wide number of fields on market, like accessories, access systems like the digital entertainment devices meant large sources of income. On, addition the company invested in the outside market to increase its incomes financially. This was like in the case of their investment in the Wimax technology company. Motorola is among the world’s leading telecommunications companies which uphold a system where employees and other stakeholders are required to demonstrate constant respect and maintain a comfortable working environment that adheres to health and safety regulations and practices. The company has a code of business conduct or code of ethics that commits to a strict standard of integrity. The company supports various community projects and programs.

It has joined hands with several companies and organizations for example CALL to Protect. This is a global movement that seeks to stop domestic abuse. Motorola is also working with an organization called CARE, which is leading in fighting poverty in the world. One of the major weaknesses of the company was that some of its inputs had requirements to manufacture product strictly from the Motorola Company and were only available to a single supplier. As a result, there was a lack of enough suppliers in relation to the products demands. inancially, this meant that the suppliers were liable to capacity constraining and as a result of delays in products and due to credit issues. Lack to sustain of a stable margin in the company was another weakness, for instance the company reported losses in the year 2007’s annual sales.

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