Nursing Leadership for Healthy Working Environment

A situation that can serve as a good option for the analysis within the scope of nursing leadership theory happened to me in a hospital setting. There was a patient – Mr. Kane – who was delivered to the surgery department in which my two colleagues and I were present as interns. Mr. Kane was suffering from acute abdominal pain, and the physician diagnosed appendicitis. He told the registered nurse (RN) – who was supervising us – to prepare the operating room in 10 minutes and left, having another emergency call. It was the first real patient for other interns and me, and the RN guided the process. She told us what should be done but allowed us to decide how we would address the requirements. We made a decision that I would prepare the operating table, and my colleagues would deal with the instruments. The room was ready in 8 minutes, and the operation was successful.

It seems reasonable to state that the presented case contains a number of leadership styles that are founded on a theory. First, it is the physician’s approach that seems to be Laissez-faire (Boutselis, 2020). He, with no intervention, gave the RN the task but left it up to her how to manage the process. In turn, the RN tends to adhere to the democratic leadership style (Goh et al., 2018). She gave us a particular set of tasks and allowed us to address them as a team – collectively and coherently. Given that the operation was successful and all the issues resolved, the explored situation may be a perfect example of what I have learned (Davis, 2018; The American Organization of Nurse Leaders, n.d.). It is clear how the proper application of leadership theory results in significant patient outcomes and a healthy working environment.


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