Mexican and Asian Immigrants’ Historical and Current Issues

America has also been nicknamed the land of honey and milk because of the belief that it is a place of luxury and comfort. For this reason, America has faced immigration challenges as more people move from their countries to America in search of a better life. Most immigrants are from the regions facing social challenges such as poverty, war, and food insecurities; this includes Mexico, Asia, and Africa. Most of the immigrants cross the American border illegally, making them undocumented residents.
Immigrants have always faced various issues and challenges in their efforts to fit into American society.

The language barrier is the primary and all-time challenge most people encounter. America uses English as its national language in all setups. Immigrants, especially those from Asia and Mexico, will face communication problems making it difficult for them to express themselves or even ask for help. New immigrants to America are more often disenfranchised with their knowledge of the labor market. Due to this, they are discriminated against when seeking job opportunities in various jobs. On some occasions, immigrants with foreign academic credentials are denied recognition for their knowledge and skills. This compels them to take informal jobs despite being learned. Even as they work in hazardous environments, unlike native workers, immigrants are denied access to safety protections.

Access to good housing and shelter is a basic human need that everyone deserves by virtue of being human. As they settle in the new states, immigrants are the most vulnerable when seeking housing. This is so because of the various issues they are facing, such as unemployment. They, therefore, cannot afford to pay their monthly rent in a decent house. Homeowners also tend to impose very high housing cost bills for illegal immigrants, unlike for the natives.

Most of the immigrants from Asia and Mexico are always illegal undocumented immigrants. Due to the fear of deportation, they have challenges seeking services that will draw legal attention. These immigrants will always evade essential medical attention and justice services, even when in critical conditions. The language barrier challenge causing communication issues makes it difficult to express themselves and for the helpers to understand the exact help they need.

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