Peelian Law and London Metropolitan Police Act

There are nine modern principles issued to the metropolitan police. The first principle is to prevent disorder and crime in which the police must maintain order, civil peace, and security by apprehending offenders and investigating crime. The second principle is to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities in which they have to perform their duties dependent upon approval by the public.

The police should also be representative of the societies they serve. The third principle is solidarity and social cohesion that police need to protect the ready cooperation of the municipal in willingness adherence of the regulation to be capable of protecting and sustaining the respect of the community. The fourth principle is the degree of cooperation by the public. This is attained by the use of bodily strength and power for accomplishing the aims of the law enforcement agency.

Furthermore, the fifth principle is on the preservation of the public favor. The police must be ready to offer friendship and individual service to all members of the society by providing personal sacrifices in protecting and preserving life. The sixth Principe is police should use physical force to ensure that they restore peace. The police are allowed to use power to enhance law and order whenever diplomacy fails. The seventh principle is on the maintenance of a good relationship between the public and the police administration.

The police are hypothetical to provide complete attention to the communal in consideration of community benefit and survival. The eighth one is the direction of action toward functions by the police. This is attained by judging the guilty and punishing them. The last one is policy efficiency, which is experimental when there is no delinquency and maladies.

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