Mental Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment

There is much debate over mental illnesses; some believe that they can be prevented and cured, while others consider mentally ill people to be born like that. Unfortunately, there is still no way to avert major psychiatric disorders caused by biological reasons, namely, autism, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. However, according to Kousoulis (2019), though it is difficult and not studied thoroughly, it is possible to prevent some mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, and substance use. To do that, it is essential to develop a complex approach that will include reducing social stigma and increasing people’s awareness of the necessity to take care of their own and other persons’ mental health. Additionally, it is crucial to enhance self-confidence and eliminate negative peer influences so that all members of society feel more secure, protected, and relaxed.

Curing certain mental illnesses like eating disorders is also possible and mostly based on psychotherapy, medications, and the positive influences of friends and relatives. As for significant diseases like schizophrenia, they cannot be cured, but it is likely to minimize their symptoms. Some common early signs of mental illnesses involve feeling sad, having excessive fears, struggling with daily activities, severe tiredness, mood changes, misperception of self, changes in eating habits, and other warning symptoms. Unfortunately, preventing and curing mental disorders becomes more challenging because there is a social stigma around many of them. Commonly, people with depression or eating disorders are perceived as weak or liars, while individuals with major psychiatric disorders are treated as dangerous and crazy. Society is not educated about mental conditions, and this is a serious problem affecting numerous persons.

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