Science for Better Nursing Leadership Approach

Science is an integral part of the nursing profession, and as a leader, I made use of it to find the most reliable practices. One of the ways I used science in my practicum is the deciding on the shifts for the nurses. In order to provide the high-quality services required to the patients, the personnel must feel energized and healthy. However, many nurses feel fatigued during their shifts due to physical and emotional stress. Therefore, I adapted the schedules of the nurses so that they could manage to have some breaks to avoid sleepiness during shifts. Since this is particularly relevant during night shifts, I investigated previous studies on the recommended hours of napping for best performance. I found that short naps generally resulted in better performance for the next hour after waking up, while longer naps, over 30 minutes, led to better long-term performance. As a result, I designed schedules that would optimize the performance of the personnel.

Furthermore, I assessed the existing mental health support facilities for the staff and added a few additional resources. It is important for the nurses to remain not only professional but also supportive, and that requires a strong mental health system. Therefore, I decided to advise the nurses to take daily walks outside in order to relax and unwind. It is crucial to create a working environment in which the staff feels comfortable sharing their mental state since it helps create a better functioning unit. Therefore, I also encouraged the nurses to seek help and advice when they felt the need.

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