Care Delivery of Chen Med and the Military Health System

Vivien Lee describes a model developed by Chen Med and sees it as an illustration of an effective healthcare system. Chen Med chose to concentrate on prevention rather than addressing acute issues, which provides a valuable lesson for the American healthcare system. They devote more time to every patient as their visits last approximately 30 minutes instead of 8-10 minutes, which is an accepted standard in the vast majority of hospitals. The focus is on identifying the current health condition of each patient and developing an effective plan to prevent more serious issues.

In addition to the provision of this truly patient-centered care, Chen Med facilities have on-site pharmacies, which is essential for many patients who have no time or transportation options to access the necessary medication. Transportation is also provided to those who need to visit a doctor. Wellness programs aimed at improving patients’ overall health status are also offered and highly valued by patients. It is noteworthy that primary care costs are higher than the costs of other facilities, but acute care costs are significantly lower. In essence, Chen Med manages to achieve the primary goal and prevent various health issues.

The The US and the UK Health Systems also concentrates on prevention rather than treating life-threatening conditions. TRICARE is the system employed to address the health-related needs of military personnel, veterans, and their families. The system implies using military and certain civilian healthcare facilities. Diverse studies suggest that this model is not perfect as it is also associated with quite high costs. Nevertheless, prevention remains a priority for this system, and primary care services are essential. The Military Health System also focuses on formularies when it comes to medication aspects, so they have a considerable influence on pharmaceutical companies, which is instrumental in reducing costs.

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