Intuition as an Important Aspect of Decision-Making

Intuition-based decision-making is still a very important aspect of management policies as its core is the outcome of some condition-based approach that relies on experience as well as expertise. As the reality behind the success of DSS is that of the quality of evidence base that has got its relevance after research work, a lot more needs to be taken into consideration when a DSS can only work on cases that have passed through evidence-based research literature. Several problems exist when research literature is being pressed into the development of DSS.

The basis for this evidence-based medicine actually constitutes a much smaller fraction of total medical literature work. It clearly undermines the quality of DSS that has been put in use, and as a whole, it’s the intuition-based decision-making that takes prominence. The literature-based evidence makes way for practice-based evidence for taking any decision which is more intuitive than conclusive. The intuitive decision-making process relies on local, practice-based evidence for optimum outcomes.

The intuitive approach is the most reliable method while dealing with complex decisions, and it underscores the finest possible assumptions that make their way into the decision-making process. The reluctance shown by a number of decision-makers in overt reliance on DSS is that of the possibility that could cause the higher cost of error as outcomes of a DSS is through probabilistic reliability analysis. The rule-based functioning of DSS actually supports unaided human intuition similar to that of a calculator helping a mathematician in arithmetic procedures but what step has to be taken in finding a solution is again a human effort.

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