Emirates, DHL, Toyota, Etisalat Companies’ Brand Mantra

Brand mantra is another critical element of the functioning of any company and its positioning in the market. Usually, it is an articulation of the essence of a firm presented in several words to explain the core values and contribute to the creation of a particular image among clients. For this reason, the brand mantra should utilise the most important elements of the firm and attract clients’ attention to them.

Rebranding of the brand mantra is also a vital process preconditioned by changes in the market, clients’ behaviour, or the image of the brand itself. It presupposes the alteration of the words that are used to formulate the essence and emphasise some other factors that are vital at the moment. For companies such as Emirates, DHL, Toyota, Etisalat, the employment of the elements of POD seems a preferable option. First, these corporations are taken as units providing outstanding and premium class services to their clients. Second, they are mostly associated with the market segment characterised by innovation, excellence, and achievement. Seeing these brands’ logos, clients start to think about specific services or goods that can be acquired by cooperating with them. Finally, Emirates, DHL, Toyota, Etisalat position themselves as companies with a focus on high-quality services that are delivered to all clients. For this reason, the elements of POD are critical for the creation of brand mantras that will help to reflect the nature of these companies.

Another factor that preconditions the emergence of the need for a brand mantra’s change is the current situation in the market and POP. All these companies are now associated with particular spheres, such as aviation, machine building, delivery and transportation, and telecommunications. However, there are many other actors who work in the same area and want to attract clients’ attention. For this reason, there is a demand to focus on the creation of creative and competitive POD with the primary goal to show individuals that these companies remain leaders in their sectors and can offer goods or services that are different from others. The necessity to overcome rivalry and create new associations impacts the need for new mantras.

Altogether, POP and POD of the discussed companies are the critical factors that impact their functioning and formation of brand mantras. During their operations, these companies transform the points-of-parity into their points-of-difference. For instance, Emirates belonging to the aviation sphere is now strongly associated with high-class and premium services. It means that in the course of the brand’s development and positioning, POP has transformed and became a firm’s POD. It is also reflected in the mantra of the brand, which emphasises its outstanding devotion to the provision of high-quality services.

In such a way, POD and POP are flexible elements of the work of modern companies that should be considered when determining the essence of the brand and explaining its nature to clients via brand mantra. Awareness of the latest changes in the market is critical for effective positioning and cooperation.

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