Celebrity Endorsements’ Benefits and Risks

The endorsement of celebrities in the marketing industry has been widely accepted. The reports indicate endorsement of celebrity is widely practiced in the United States. Tiger Wood, Tom Cruise, and Britney Spears are names that have become symbols in the marketing industry. IEG endorsement insider indicates entertainers, athletes, any other high-profile personalities earn $800 million to spotlight in the promotion, advertisement, and campaign. Endorsement of celebrity cut across all the industries, including financial services, telecommunication, package goods, and auto industry.

The history of endorsing celebrities goes ways back to the time of Lillie Langtry, a British actress. She was endorsed as a world-first celebrity in 1983 when her likeness on package appeared on pears soap. It is commonly thought that the celebrity effect will boost sales that are needed in marketing. Celebrities enjoy mass appeal as they also influence their fans.

Their fame is perceived to attract attention to the product. When using the celebrity, attention is drawn to advertising messages to masses located in various locations. The finding report indicates that celebrity ability generates equivocal purchase behaviors and a positive impact on the economic return of the companies. Some celebrities are known to have near-cult status as everything they say or do follow by their fans, and this is why companies are seeking them to endorse their brands.

The endorsement of a celebrity is associated with many risks arising from marketing communication campaigns. Consumer perception is greatly determined by celebrity information. Negative information about the celebrity affects consumer loyalty to the product. Celebrities may get involved in behavioral activities that can embarrass the company in the public eye and negatively impact the ability to sell. Another problem associated with celebrity is overshadowing, where the consumer focuses attention on the celebrity and fails to notice the product.

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