Mobile Telecom Standards 3G, 4G, and 5G

Today mobile communication has been a hot topic over the years; mobile communication has benefited from the enthusiasm and creativity of people to bring life to the technology. For many years, mobile technology has been embraced due to many reasons in technology, business, and marketing.

3G (third-generation) has taken mobile communication to a new level because this technology has promised video telephony, advanced value-added services, and fast internet surfing. Since the introduction of 3G technology, mobile technology has moved from simple voice to rich media. Nowadays, 3G technology has enabled many businesses to have high-speed wireless internet access. Additionally, RF (Radiofrequency) spectrum has encouraged many businesses to undergo growth in wireless services.

As compared to 3G technology, 4G technology will have an impact on mobile commerce. This means that customers will be able to access websites and download more efficiently and faster when you compare them with 3G technology. This effect will encourage consumers to businesses that have employed 4G technology and encourage the mobile search for businesses dramatically. 4G technology will change the ideology of many as ease and speed of use will give confidence to many customers. Because many customers will be able to purchase things with the help of 4G enable devices such as mobile phones.

Additionally, 4G technology will give businesses a new platform for advertising; businesses will be able to reach their customers faster with their sales, promotions, and offers. This means, companies will be able to build instant trust and commitment with their customers; also, this will encourage customer loyalty and brand development.

With the introduction of 5G technology, business mobility will be changed for good, where businesses will be able to access the entire workplace on advanced cellular phones or PDA. Additionally, 5G technology contains advanced billing interfaces and enhanced and improved global connectivity.

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