Apple Inc.’s Activities and Operational Characteristics

Develop a profile of the product/service based on the four Vs (volume, variety, variation in demand, and visibility).Apple is restructuring its supply chain and logistics management with the objective of decreasing logistics costs and developing speed deliverance and flawless information system involved in it. Apple Inc has entered a collaboration with Skyway Freight systems to improve its logistics and data management systems. The collaborative endeavor of Apple and Skyway Inc considers the application for supplying and delivering goods in various countries.

The comprehensive high-tech logistics and the supply chain in Apple Inc are due to the incorporated supply chain collaborations by way of a variety of leading innovations that are flexible, and they have a good rapport with the speedy changing global marketplace. They also exploit the user-friendly environment through the internet and other electronic media. The technology exhibits high-performance value where the marketers have the advantages of healthy augmentation in the atmosphere and the prospect of high sales volume of the products.

Besides, they put in a lot of endeavor in the reduction of the marketing costs through outsourcing and other cost-effective measures. Alteration for the profile of the product on the basis of four Vs helps Apple Inc to produce new products by the deployment of modern technology. The need and requirements of customers may change on the basis of evolutions in technology and, therefore, up-to-date changes and alterations in the product line assist the organization in increasing revenue from sales and enabling them to gain profits.

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