Immoral Medical Information Through Human Experimentation

The problem of human experimentation was established in the wake of WW II when records of inhumane studies carried out by Nazi Germany were discovered. Some may argue that despite their origin, the results of such research might be beneficial for saving lives and thus can be utilized. Yet, in my view, using medical data received illegally or through immoral procedures must be outlawed because it has many far-reaching implications, including incentivizing and perpetuating further human rights violations.

Acceptance of the results of inhumane experiments may gradually erode the basic notion of people’s freedom of choice. According to the Nuremberg Code, every experiment involving people must be carried out in compliance with all the necessary requirements, including the consent of the human subject. Abandoning these guidelines, under any formal pretense, poses a risk of returning to the past practices of inhumane experiments. History taught humanity a harsh lesson that must not be forgotten, otherwise, people may gradually become accustomed to the reality that committing a minor crime for the greater good is normal. Certainly, it is impossible to control every single experiment on the planet, and it is plausible that certain laboratories have been conducting immoral experiments for many decades, without anyone being aware of it. Yet, when such instances become publicly known, it is essential for all countries to condemn them and take legal action against the researchers behind such studies.

Thus, the results of experiments carried out without the consent of the subjects and involving harm must not be used in actual practice because it would devalue the existing experimentation protocols. Moreover, the implementation of the findings of immoral or illegal experiments will reinforce the idea that such studies are possible if they are done for the greater good of society. Acceptance of this notion will jeopardize human rights and make some people question their pertinence, which may potentially result in the return to Nazi German practices.

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