Harley Davidson Company’s Strategy

The Harley Davidson company focuses mainly on the marketing mix, mainly the four P’s in the marketing arena for being the market leader in flying colors.


The product is given utmost importance. The product is made available to the consumers in a unique color. Based on R&D programs and feedback from the customers and the retailers, the company made eye-opening innovations by introducing side sitting, new models with horse-powered engines, and a new kind of alloy usage for efficiency of the engines.


The price of the product is the only term where the customers and the manufacturers come together. The pricing of the product is to be fixed by analyzing the market, competitors’ pricing, and the purchasing power of the people. Harley Davidson had the strategy for pricing when they had to face threats from Japanese competitors and from others like Honda by reducing price and improving quality.


Promotion of the vehicle is done by advertising which is the paid way of communicating to the people through various print and visual media. They give much importance to the visual media, which is believed to create an impact on the customers. They also give much publicity by conducting roadshows and also by publication in books which deal with the motor vehicle.


The place gives the customer the availability of the product at the right time and at the right place. The company has different channels for distribution; they have retailers, distributors, etc. They also have different retail outlets to diversify the sales.


Harley Davidson gives much importance to the branding of the company; they are one of the leading brands today. They have the logo of the bar and the shield. As part of brand awareness, they had the logo published for a variety of products which also had a negative remark for them for causing a negative effect on brand dilution.


Harley Davidson has diversified the product in different models; they are:

  • Sportster
  • Dyna
  • Soft tail
  • Touring
  • VRSC
  • Revolution

They also sell the product in the export market, which helps in establishing the market globally, which contributes to the overall growth of the company. This also makes vast growth of the company by increasing the market share and profit.

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