Hamlet’s Tragic Flaw

Authentically, a successful leader has to uphold a strong personality. However, in the intriguing play Hamlet, Shakespeare gives the main character (Hamlet) a weak personality or tragic flaws, which lead him to lose not only his throne but also his family, including himself. Character-wise, Hamlet’s irrational behavior forces him to seek revenge against his uncle, King Claudius. First, Hamlet detests his mother, who married Claudius immediately after his father’s death. Secondly, after encountering the ghost of his late father, he confirms that his uncle is responsible for his death. Consequently, his decision to seek revenge motivates him to make radical moves. On one occasion, he decided to stab King Claudius while in the prayer chamber but instead killed Polonius. Sadly, he is not apologetic for committing the murder, and a conflict ensues between him and Laertes.

Due to the death of Polonius, his daughter committed suicide, but Hamlet, who had earlier on deserted their relationship, mourns loudly. Eventually, his erratic character prompts him to settle his scores with Laertes through a battle. Tragically, the king poisoned Laertes’s sword to make sure that Hamlet dies during the fight. Furthermore, he prepared a poisonous drink for Hamlet. However, through anger, the battle led to the death of the king, queen, Laertes, and Hamlet. Hamlet’s ferocious character contributes to his flaws and weaknesses. Although he fights for reformation in the kingdom of Denmark, he chooses the wrong path to meet his mission. If Hamlet had followed the kingdom’s laws or kept in mind humanity’s laws, then there would be no bloodshed. He carries out a vengeful attitude that makes him hate all women, including his lover Ophelia.

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