What Makes Shakespeare So Great?

Shakespeare is deemed a great writer with his notable works premising on human life, the sanctity of life, and human relationships. His writings primarily center on the themes such as mystery, grief, love, and war. For example, in the play, The Merchant of Venice, love, mystery, wealth, and wit brings about allies and foes together with Bassanio being Antonio’s foe based on his unpaid debt. Still, his love for Portion leads to her utilizing wit to reconcile the two. Concurrently, such relationships, as at the time of the 16t century, primarily dictated wars with the strength of an individual premising on their strength in war. In Henry IV and Henry V, the king is the most authoritative individual within the society, with the king’s strength being primarily envisaged on the theme of war. Henry IV brings about greatness in the king’s patriotism to the military which won conflicts and brought about prosperity within his reign and the country he led.

The greatness writing Shakespeare is further evident in the relevance of his writings to the life of individuals from the 16th century to the current generation. Not only is his play easy to direct, but the plays are also relatively easier to translate to other languages with the experiences resonating with life forms in the current generation. The relevance of his plays to the modern generation is a core basis of their applications in other professions, including the law, with lawyers drawing reference to his players in their legal arguments. Shakespeare has been studied in literature and law schools for generations owing to his articulation of the conflicts that the society faces and the provision of effective restitution mechanisms for the conflicts that the society is often likely to face.

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