Human Actions and Nature in Shakespeare’s Plays

Shakespeare asserts that human beings are naturally theatrical creatures. In Hamlet, the Ghost is counted as Hamlet’s superego, the moral part that makes him behave the way he does. Shakespeare uses Claudius as the persona in Hamlet to showcase pleasurable desires such as love. Likewise, he reveals that human beings have sexual yearnings and are naturally affectionate to the opposite gender. He specifically indicates that sexual desire is not one of the major interests of humans. Human beings’ life is well depicted by the conduct of Hamlet on stage. The delay of Hamlet to revenge against his uncle shows his battle between his ego and superego.

Using King Henry, Shakespeare reveals greed, betrayal, and revenge as depicters of human nature. Accordingly, he also portrays human nature as full of evil deeds. He asserts that human beings are far from being perfect. King V’s hunger for power depicts the nature of human beings of greed and high desires. Concurrently, he identifies the power of love and loyalty as part of the true nature of human beings. Much Ado About Nothing reflects the positive strengths, potential, and existence of perfect beauty. In King, Lear Edmund admits that true human nature is full of evil. He asserts that human beings are full of disastrous minds full of greed, adultery, drunkards, and lies.

In Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Shakespeare explores the political and religious nature. The need for political power drives King Henry. His manifestations, subversions, and theatrical acts show his main interest in the need for political power. He also reflects on religious beliefs as part of human nature. He exposes the truths associated with the religious ideals, which he sees to have been the cause of many wars experienced in the world. Shakespeare vividly describes the true nature of human beings by revealing the main truths about human life by explaining facts about the reality of religious beliefs and actions, political struggles, and the evils associated with human nature.

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