Gig Work and the Digital Economy

The idea of traveling and writing a food blog is an exciting choice due to the wide range of benefits that activities in this industry have. Gig work allows realizing one’s potential to the desired extent and does not require responsibility to employers since opportunities for self-employment today are wide. In addition, the friend should pay attention to the planned blog not only due to autonomy but also to financial prospects. To work in such an area, the registration of self-employment does not pose significant difficulties and is regulated by the current tax legislation.

This means that to do what one loves, one does not need to confirm individual professional qualifications and the availability of relevant educational skills. Moreover, modern digital technologies and tools help conduct business from anywhere and not experience restrictions on access to the Internet. With regard to the friend’s planned blog, the use of cloud technology is one of the alternatives for storing and handling the captured content, and no additional costs are required since all the necessary services are freely available, which is also an advantage.

Despite the relevance of the idea of a food blog, the friend should pay attention to some constraints and potential risks. Firstly, blogging, as a permanent occupation, is not a stable profession and directly depends on current trends in the entertainment industry. Constant competition for the number of views can threaten the emergence of new digital products that may be more popular. Secondly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have watched a ton of digital content, and numerous potential bloggers may decide to start their own projects. Thirdly, from a social safety perspective, gig employees are more vulnerable than employees working in public organizations.

Self-employed entrepreneurs, as a rule, cannot count on social bonuses and other advantages of working in companies, for instance, insurance payments. Unlike working in a public field, gig workers do not have a guarantee that their activities will be in demand all the time. As a result, when taking into account the existing constraints and risks, the friend should pay attention to a number of crucial criteria, in particular, trends in the planned area and viewer demand for the intended content.

To succeed in their intended field of work, the friend needs to be well versed in the specifics of the modern entertainment industry. Creating quality content will not be possible if they do not navigate competitors’ products and audience interests. In addition, the friend should be aware of how to work with digital tools to shoot, edit, and upload videos to their respective platforms. In the case of self-employment, recruiting additional employees as subordinates is undesirable because this entails additional costs. Therefore, knowledge of the nuances of computer hardware and software is important.

Curiosity and hard work are valuable qualities that should be cultivated. Over time, self-employment can become a chore, and in the absence of adequate incentives, productivity can decline. The lack of external control, in this case, is a negative factor since the loss of motivation is possible. The ability to interact with the public should be constantly honed to maintain the audience’s interest. Therefore, striving to improve the quality of the content produced on a regular basis, seeking new viewers, monitoring the target market, and self-developing are crucial prerequisites for successful blogging.

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