Designing Math Activities in Collaboration With Families

When creating an efficient math curriculum for the students, teachers are to make sure that they use the most out of both school and home environments. The latter should concern consistent communication with parents on the matter of their child’s involvement in learning processes. In order to secure such communication, teachers should meet with parents on a regular basis to respond to their feedback with alternative educational options. For example, teachers should explain to the parents the significance of both formal and informal approaches to math.

Thus, formal approaches include explicit didactic processes like working with printed or homemade flashcards with numbers and basic equations. Informal education, in its turn, obtains a variety of forms and implicit strategies. For example, when cooking together, parents may ask their children to count some items or measure the ingredients. In such a way, children do not realize they are learning and thus, avoid any external stressors associated with education.

Another way to secure active learning at home is to share learning materials used in the classroom with parents. For example, teachers may use websites or virtual classrooms as a space for sharing tips and materials that may assist parents when they are helping kids with homework. In such a way, parents would know what is expected of their child in terms of academic progress. Virtual classrooms also provide a beneficial opportunity to hear real-time parental feedback on whether children managed to grasp the information during the lesson or if they need additional training in order to understand the topic.

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