Electronic Medical Records Development: Critical Factors

Management of electronic medical records from different organizations and persons shall depend on the integrity of the computer systems being used. Google health, for instance, is a pioneering electronic medical records system that can facilitate entry, storage and retrieval of information from personalized health profiles with ease. Privacy concerns are the main issue with regard to the express and unrestricted access to patients’ data by persons and organizations having an interest in a client.

Doctors, Medicare, employers and health insurance companies, among other entities, can have access to patients’ data for medical or legal purposes. Since medical information is privately-owned, it should not be disclosed to a third party without prior written consent from the owner. Confidentiality is important in medical practice. Patients’ data should therefore be protected from unauthorized access online.

Technological issues related to system security of servers that link medical records universally. Online medical records need to be safeguarded from security attacks and unnecessary linking of websites. Security attacks could arise from malicious use of proxy servers to gain access into computer systems where private medical data is stored. The creation of medical records demands initial financial and technological investment on valid systems which can stand security threats from malicious attacks.

Privacy concerns are at the heart of the project since people are not just interested in providing their private health information to everyone. The interaction between the physician and the patient is important during data entry and subsequent interpretation for consultancy and therapeutic interventions to be effectively made. Patients may not be in a position to enter accurate information in their online health profiles without the assistance of a health practitioner. Misinterpretation of medical data can lead to erroneous practices during treatment.

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