Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding: Advantages and Disadvantages

I would advise the pregnant woman that breastfeeding is better than formula feeding due to some advantages. The advantages of breastfeeding are that the breast milk contains a wide range of nutrients in the right proportions, does not trigger allergies, is easily digested by the nascent digestive system, boosts immunity for it contains antibodies, averts risks of contaminated water, prevents constipation, promotes restoration of the uterus, improves cognitive development, strengthens mother-child relationships, prevents the occurrence of respiratory infections, and is economical and convenient. However, the disadvantages of breastfeeding are that maternal medications can have adverse effects on babies, breast milk acts as a route of mother-to-child transmission of infections such as tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus, and impossible when the baby lacks suck reflex or the mother produces insufficient milk.

The advantages of formula feeding are that formula milk is convenient and comfortable as anyone can feed the baby, promotes bonding of the baby and both parents, reduced frequency of feeding because the formula milk is nutritious, the mother can take medications without affecting the baby, and there is no mother-to-child transmission of infections. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of formula feeding are the formula does not contain a wide range of nutrients in the right proportions, requires warming, is prone to contamination during preparation, and the baby may be intolerant to formula.

In weaning the baby, I recommend the mother to start with porridge-containing milk. Porridge is a light food for the baby that can easily swallow and effortlessly digest just like breast milk and formula milk. The mother should subsequently introduce smashed foods of vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and fruits. Smashed foods are appropriate for the baby can easily chew, swallow, and digest.

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