Statistical Concepts for Work in Health Care

Healthcare systems require statistical data to monitor local variations in medical conditions and compare them to state, national, and international patterns. Statistics in the healthcare context provide empirical data to assist in the allocation of resources, funding projects, and making research. Health statistics are collected by researchers, experts from government and private, and non-profit agencies and organizations. After being collected, the data is used to explore more about the health care system and the health of people. Such statistical analysis of health data may provide limitations of the health care system, some patterns in the physical or mental health of patients, and insights related to the effectiveness of implementing programs. As such, it is critical to apply statistical concepts when working in health care.

In my workplace, we apply statistical concepts, such as regression models and probability to make research related to the physical health of patients. We collected data from public hospitals or private entities by obtaining consent to collect, analyze, and share the data. Following that we examined the data to make our research, applying regression models to identify the trends. This helped the research as we found a significant correlation between independent and dependent variables, supporting our hypothesis.

I think in the nearest future I will be able to apply statistical concepts on my own and analyze them for future research and practice. Moreover, as a practitioner, I am planning to use statistical analysis when deciding what treatment is more suitable for my patients. Relying on carefully examined research with statistical evidence can help me when I will hesitate about the proper care plan.

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